Subway - Estep and Company Inc.

Estep & Company Inc. began with one small Subway store in 1990 with just six team members. Our present day operations consist of 42 Subway Restaurants and just over 800 employees.

From the very beginning, we have always felt that our strength as a company starts and ends with taking care of each and every customer across the counter. Even though customers come to Subway to satisfy their hunger, they also have an emotional need to fill. When they hand over that $5 bill, we need to realize that they are handing us our paycheck and in exchange for that we need to give great customer service. We like to think of our Team Business Leaders as pilots that fly on a mission. All other team members give support to keep the mission going on a day to day basis. Estep & Company Inc. believes that we are not in the food business but we are in the people business.

We take great pride in our store operations and want to be the very best in the Subway brand. As a company we are constantly looking to improve our operations in every facet of our business. This takes a huge effort by everyone in our “TEAM.” At Estep & Company Inc., we believe that our “TEAM” will be the difference makers in our future growth.

We feel that we have been very blessed by God in the growth of our company and we want to be able to be a blessing to others. Whether it is for just a short time or a lifetime, we believe that our employees come into our lives for a reason. Estep & Company Inc. wants to be a “history maker” in the Subway brand and in the lives of the “TEAM” that are employed with us.

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